Lifting wrinkles! How to care for aging skin?

“The desire for long lasting youthful appearance has become an important concern for many people in today’s world.”


Aging is probably one of the physiological processes which nobody likes. Skin being the most visible and the largest organ in human body shows the signs of aging invariably and other factors such as smoking, stress, pollution, sun, diet, genetics, etc. acts as the catalyst to this process.

Wrinkles, seen as furrows or ridge on the skin causes dull appearance of the face and can affect person socially and psychologically. Lifestyle at large is the major culprit for facial wrinkles but genetic component of the human also affects the aging process. Interestingly a study from UK suggests that severity of facial wrinkling correlates with the extent of lung disease (COPD) in smokers.

Aging, although is a natural process in a life cycle of a human but is always undesirable and causes loss of confidence, stress and worry to every living soul. In the present corporate and modernized era, you have to be on your toes and best of the looks always one may not find enough time for hours long cosmetic procedure and skin care in parlours and spa.

Here are some tips and medical tricks which can definitely make you look younger than your age.


Botulinum Toxin- More commonly known as BotoxTM (Allergan, USA) is the most common non surgical cosmetic technique performed worldwide for facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin is the most lethal substance known to mankind but when used in minute quantities can yield several therapeutic effects including muscle relaxation thereby correcting dynamic wrinkles. It usually takes 3-4days after injection for clinical results, maximum effect observed approximately after second week while the effect persist for 3-4months. The injection is safe with minimal local complications and is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactating mother and neuromuscular junction disorders (myasthenia gravis)


Laser- Laser has been widely used in the field of medicine. The photothermal effect of the laser can be used in hair removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, skin lightening, scar removal and other cosmetic procedures. The laser therapy should be performed under standard laser safety conditions and requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. Other cheaper devices like IPL (photo rejuvenation), radiofrequency and ultrasonic cavitation machines have been explored for cosmetic procedures with results comparable to lasers.


Chemical peels- Chemical peels are routinely used products in cosmetic clinics and spa. These products contains mild acid and other natural and artificial skin rejuvenating substances (ascorbic acid, stem cells) which causes peeling of the superficial layer of skin and regeneration of healthy cells giving younger and glowing appearance to the face.


Fillers- Most common is hyaluronic acid based fillers which are used to fill static wrinkles (smile lines) and facial recontouring. They are inert and biocompatible and are degraded in usually 4-6 months.


Derma rollers and collagen induction therapy- carries several microneedles which causes superficial injury to the skin thereby promoting new collagen formation and improved blood circulation to the area. The devices are cheap and can be used at home as per the instructions by professionals.


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